Treasure Hunt

“Treasure Hunt” for Incentive Groups

Participants have to find the hidden control points with the help of a compass and map in the TREASURE HUNT. They might do it individually or as a team member. After the event we choose the best participant and the best team and they win the prize of the game. It is an outdoor activity in the nature with lots of challenge, team building, and fun. Treasure Hunt can be organized at all kinds of terrains; forests, hotel gardens, city parks or city center. It can also be arranged in the night time with head lamps used by each participant. During the search of the control points, the individual or group has to read the map and make the right decisions at the right time. There is an ongoing excitement and team building during the activity, which is very beneficial for the team spirit of the group. Participants gain the skills such as decision making, working as team, dealing with stress, facing the mistakes, establishing self confidence, and communicating with team members… They transfer these skills into their business models in a fun and exciting environment.


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